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Monday, May 17, 2004

A friend at San Antonio's Botanical Gardens. The friend has a little birdie friend sitting on his shoulder, too!
Monday, April 19, 2004
Getting on track
Where I am today: posting pictures for you... :D

Okay, okay, I've finally gotten around to organizing more of my pics, and I've even got a few in web-viewable format. Here's the first two:

The first is a view of the front of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. Based on the orientation of the building, it seems like the back, but it really is the front. This church is famous for several reasons, and the main two are that Martin Luther preached there and Johan Sebastian Bach played the organ there. The gentleman standing in front is our tour guide Peter, who is a marvelously fun Briton from Leicester. The second picture is the altar area --- the bier in front is actually Bach's tomb. We sang in front of this area, and it was probably the second best of all the concerts we performed. It was our first concert of the tour, and set a marvelous tone (no pun intended) for the rest of the trip.

Speaking of Luther, however:

This is one of the stained glass windows inside the Thomaskirche, and hands down my favorite. The figure in the center is Martin Luther - to his left is Duke Frederich and to his right is Philip Melancthon.

After Leipzig, we went on to Bayreuth (pronounced Bye-ROIT), famous as the town where Wagner lived and died. The original opera house is an archetectural marvel. I have several pictures of the inside of the place, but here's one to give you a sample.

What you can't see here is that the inside of the opera house is in the shape of a bell - the stage forms the same shape facing the opposite direction. Together they make the shape of a stringed instrument, and there are even 4 wooden poles that act as the F-holes to distribute the sound. The entire inside is made of wood, painted to look like other materials. Even up close the likeness to marble is uncanny. And brilliant!

From there we went on to Dachau, and then Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein Castle is the castle on which Disneyland's Cinderella Castle is based. King Ludwig may have been mad, but he had a heck of a view off his back porch...

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this mini-tour -- there is certainly more to come (after all, we were in Europe for two whole weeks!) but there is also a lot more work for me to do to make it all presentable. For those who are interested, you can keep tabs on my main blog -- Yarn Utopia -- and I'll make an announcement there when the final site is ready.

Hugs and safe journies to all! :)
Friday, March 26, 2004
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Where I am today: HOME

Wow. What an amazing two weeks. Give me a bit to process it all (and to sleep) and I'll finally fill in the details and pics for everyone. Hugs, and goodnight!
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Where I am today: little shop across from Il Duomo in Firenze

Well, the weather in Italy has not been as nice as the gorgeous times in Germany and Austria, but finally I get a chance to wear all the cold weather gear I schlepped along. :)

I am happy, I am fulfilled, I FOUND A YARN SHOP! ...and not just one, but two! :D I'll post a pic of my purchases on my knitting blog when I get home, but it was fun to go into the shops. One looks more like a factory than anything (may have been -- the yarn is Filati).

Our hotel is right near the Martini and Rossi building, down the street from Il Duomo and just a few blocks from the marketplace and Ponte Vecchio. Italy may not be as beautiful so far as some of the places we've seen in Germany and Austria, but the shopping is to die for!

We've hit up quite a few museums here as well -- got in to see Michelangelo's David and the Pieta, and a couple of musical instrument collections. Whoops -- time's up, off to do more sightseeing!
Monday, March 22, 2004
O solo mìo
Where I am today: internet cafe in Venice

You know, I think I just have a thing for internet cafés. :) I do have to say that overnight by 6-sleeper couchette is NOT my idea of a Fun Time (tm). I'm sure we'll laugh about it years from now, but until then...

Venice has been fun, but it is not what I expected at all. I supposed I had an overly romanticized version of it built up. Ah, well -- the shopping has been excellent. I am so happy to have gotten my Murano glass (millefiori jewelry and some other stuff) and I just can't wait to get to Florence. Ciao!!
Sunday, March 21, 2004
Viel Spaß!
Where I am today: another i-cafe in Vienna

Things I've learned about Europe so far:
- People are way more laid back about sexuality than we are -- lots of exposure (in print mainly) just about everywhere.
- The architecture can really surprise you. In Salzburg, the whole town looked like what I expected to see -- small Germanic town with lots of beautiful buildings, quaint alleys, and castles everywhere. Same for Bad Ischl and some of the other towns we've been in, even Münich. Vienna is much different -- the very epitome of a large town. ...even so, you can still walk around a corner and see this:

Stunning, no?

As you ca see, I've finally located a place where I can get some pics out to you. I wish I had my pictures from Neuschwanstein handy to get one or two out, but I don't, unfortunately. Perhaps in Italy we'll have wireless internet access from the hotel and I can upload more stuff.

Well, I'm off to another museum, and then our last dinner in Austria --- tomorrow, we get to have fun with the Italians!

P.S. Here's a shot of our busdriver Markus -- such a cutie!

Friday, March 19, 2004
Where are the yarn shops???
Where I am today: internet cafe in Vienna

Having a blast --- but everyone seems to find the yarn shops but me. *sigh* Oh well -- more to see. Catch up with y'all later!!!

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