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Monday, June 24, 2002

Just a note to start off my blog. Let's see -- I know I have at least 23 WIPs (mostly crochet, a couple knit and cross-stitch as well). One of these days I may get around to finishing them. The ones I am currently (actively) working on are:

  • Twisted lace Tee (crochet)

  • K2P2 hat (knit)

  • Garter stitch dishcloth (knit)

  • Filet Crochet table runner

  • Double wedding rings quilt afghan (crochet)

I want to start some knit socks and a knit shell as soon as I finish up a couple of these works in progress... Only a month to go to my high school reunion and I want some of my own knit/crochet clothes to wear! :)


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