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Friday, January 10, 2003

Sleepy Fridays should be outlawed. Or at least we should be able to go home when we really need a nap and our body just knows it is the end of the week, so why should it bother.

Today I've been passing time (between meetings and getting actual work done) by glancing through all of the blogs in the Knitting Bloggers ring. Ok, I haven't made it through ALL of them, but I started at the top (QueerJoe as of last count, I think) and I have made it as far as Tangles so far, which is number 87 of 158.

On this journey of ring discovery, I have discovered a lot of super talented knitters out there -- as well as some pretty kickin' web designers! I have also discovered that I simply MUST change my blog template, as cranberry socks seems to be a bit too popular among the other bloggers (gee, I wonder why? :). Ah well, maybe this weekend I can drag my web development kit out (...ooh, time to play with Dreamweaver...) or at the very least make a good background graphic with Photoshop.


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