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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Well that wasn't what I expected...

Perhaps I was a little too excited that I received an invitation to a singles night (through my church - hosted by a different church)... I made such grandiose plans and even went out of my way to look cute. Do you know how hard it is to try to look like you're not trying too hard? As it happened, there was one male present and he was twice my age! Ah well, at least I met new people, and we did have a pretty good time playing chickenfoot. Even so, I was still a little bummed as we closed out the evening, and so I stopped off at Barnes and Noble for my knit-mag fix to cheer up. I did read the Cast On article by Stephanie Pearl (she is so funny, such a treasure!) but the Omniscient Stash Mistress should be pleased to note that I didn't purchase a single magazine. And I was really tempted, too...

In the stupendous news section of tonights report -- I have my first FO for February! Yes, this afternoon I cast off that prayer shawl. Since it is made from Lion Brand Homespun, I don't think I will block it, but I am going to wash it and lay it out to dry before giving it to the intended recipient. I hope she likes it.

...and now, time for bed. But first a prayer for those affected by the tragic shuttle explosion this morning. Very sad.


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