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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Happy International Sock Knitting Day!!

Yes, today is, in fact, International Sock Knitting Day. No, I don't know who made up the holiday, but isn't it a fun one? I spent the afternoon at my LYS knitting with friends - at least half of us were working on socks (or with sock yarn, anyway).

I confess, I wasn't knitting socks today, but I was working with Baby Olé in that Opal yarn on size 4s, so that should certainly count! I've gotten to almost the midway point - I am halfway through the front part and then I'll go back to finish the back, join them and work on the second sleeve. You can finally see that it is supposed to be a sweater at the end.

In boohoo news today, my Harry Potter book was delivered. Boohoo, because they delivered it to the office instead of leaving it in one of the package boxes, and the office was closed by the time I got home. I'll have to wait until Monday to read it. :( Ah well, I might actually get some housework done tonight. ...or maybe that sock that is half-finished... :D

UPDATE: They had copies of HP V at HEB, and my mother wanted one so I picked up a copy. Guess I can console myself by reading her copy tonight! *cat-ate-the-birdie grin*


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