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Friday, June 13, 2003

Mail call

There was a note on my door from UPS yesterday that I had a package -- so today (now that I'm not groggy from anaesthesia :) I dropped by to pick it up, and found the two balls of Eros winking at me! The blue one is not the colors I had wanted, but I'll keep it because it is pretty. The multi is the exact same color as another ball I used for a scarf, and will make a matching one for the person who bought that first scarf.

The Lion Brand Jiffy is in a color called Country Evening and was dropped off by a friend who knew I was homebound today, so that I would have something to do. :D I guess the first Stash Reduction Exercise will begin today, with a shawl made from this -- it is a beautiful colorway and will go with quite a few things I own.

As far as the oral surgery went -- my face is a bit swollen, but after sleeping a lot yesterday and rather late today, I feel a lot better. Still a little sore, but that is to be expected. Now, back to my yarn... :)


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