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Friday, July 25, 2003

Fixing broken things

*sigh* My comments function appears to be down. Again. I've gotta get a new provider.

Well, to answer a question that was raised in yesterday's comments as well as in emails, the color of the yarn used in the cuff shown is Kaleioscope - it is an older (and I believe, discontinued) Red Heart color. I love the colors in the skein, but I don't think the 2x2 ribbing is doing it justice. The cuff has not yet made its final trip to the frog pond yet, though - I think I'll leave it on the needles for a few days, and if I still don't like it after I finish up a couple other projects, I'll rip it out.

As far as fixing broken things goes, besides the comments, I also have a couple of necklaces to repair, so I may not get much knitting done tonight. Too bad my beadwork and jewelry repair kit takes up more room than I have here at my computer - otherwise I'd get my blog reading rounds done, too. :)


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