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Monday, July 14, 2003

Just-a singin'

Ok, so maybe you can't hear my severe drawl when I say (well, sing) my title. It's ok, I sing to myself all the time. Right now, I have today's VBS songs on permanent repeat in my head. :)

A couple people have asked that I report the colors used here in my blog. From now on I'll try to do that, but some yarns come from my stash with no labels on -- if I can't provide a color, I will try to at least include what brand of yarn I used.

As promised, here are the pics of the other 3 completed chemo caps. I have one more on the needles right now, using Joan Fernbach's pattern for Chinchilla yarn.

How chic is this?

The above hat is done with the No Hair Day hat pattern from Headhuggers.org in brown Gedifra Micro Chic. The yarn is bulkier than the hat pattern calls for, but it worked well and provides some extra stretch so that the hat fits better and stays on one's head.

This hat was crocheted from Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue. Unfortunately the site where I got the pattern does not appear to be available, but it is a simple double crochet beanie with fpdcs worked around the band.

Finally, the above hat is crocheted from Red Heart Simply Soft in Cranberry. This is easily my favorite of all the hats, partially because I created the pattern myself as I went along. I've already given the hat away, but when I have the time I will make another so that I can work out the exact pattern and publish it.

Speaking of publishing patterns - after this VBS session finishes, my next project will hopefully be getting my few patterns up on my website for everyone to use. Keep an eye out for them! :)


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