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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Today, we paint!

Actually, my friend E painted a wall and I sat and kept her company with my knitting. I got a fair bit on Baby Olé done - I am almost to the start of the second sleeve.

Some of the progress came yesterday during our knitting circle time - but I only did two rows then before starting back on Eros scarf #3. I think I'll work on finishing that scarf this week, then back to the Baby. M already finished hers, and it looks fabulous! I'd link her blog here, but I don't have the link (so M, baby, if you read this, make a comment so the folks out there can see your wonderful work!). I helped her get started with a crochet edging to the collar rather than the shawl collar as in the pattern, and she took off with the idea and did a great job. Me so jealous.

...and now, it is time to take my newly shorn head (oh yeah, I got a haircut) away from the computer monitor so I can actually get some work done around here... :)


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