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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Counting one's blessings...

One very important thing to remember as we walk through life is to count your blessings. I dislike council meetings because they take soooooo long, but hey - it was 3 hours almost uninterrupted knitting time!

I finally have the second sleeve of Baby Olé almost complete - 4 more rows and I can block it and sew it together. After that I only need to finish the shawl collar.

Oh, and I was bad again and made a trip to Hobby Lobby (shame on me!) -- but they opened a brand new HL near my church and I had to go take a peek on my way to Council...yeah, that's the ticket. I ended up picking up two balls of Bernat Boa in Phoenix, because it is a gorgeous red-orange combo that I simply adore. I also picked up two balls of Sinfonia cotton: one burnt orange and the other cream. I am going to crochet a cloché hat with a big ruffly flower on the side - burnt orange for the hat itself, and cream for the flower. Go 'Horns! :)


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