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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Hot Summer Nights

It really should be illegal for the heat index to be near 100 after sundown. I about melted before the evening breezes started, but I am very thankful for those breezes!!!

Tonight I went to see an off-off-Broadway production of Crazy For You at the Zilker Hillside Theater. Here are some pictures if you're interested. I must say, of all the ZTP shows I've seen over my years in Austin, this has to be one of the best done. Hats off to the cast and crew!

Weren't we supposed to be talking knitting here?

Before I spent six very sultry hours in the Texas heat, I did get to hang out at the LYS for our Saturday knitting session. I even got some knitting done! Eros scarf #3 is now more than halfway to completion, and I started on the second sleeve for Baby Olé. Perhaps this challenge thing has been good - if not for me, then certainly for my WIPs. The new IK and VK mags are certainly not good for my willpower, though -- although I can probably pass on Vogue, there are several great projects in Interweave just begging me to try them. That Colorwork, or maybe the Tipsy Sailor...

But enough about me...

There's a new addition to the blogging community. Presenting...Deb! She's one of the ladies that make up the crazyfun time we have on Saturday's at HCW, and a grad student to boot. Welcome to the dark side the blog world, Deb! :)


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