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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

FOs and frog ponds

Well, I "finished" Baby Olé last night. Unfortunately, the shawl collar seems to be at least a third again longer than it should. I just don't understand it - I followed the instructions (after reading them several times through) and my gauge is right, but that collar is just waaaaaaay too big. Someone else mentioned in an email to me that they used a smaller needle size for the collar, which I may consider. However, doing all that collar took about half as much yarn as was in the sweater itself - by the time I had only a few rows to go, I was really getting sick of it! After I frog this failed attempt (not the whole sweater, just the collar) I may just go with a simple crab stitch edging around it and leave it at that.

For FOs, I also finished another pair of baby booties, this from RH Baby Pompadour in pink that Mom happened to have stashed - they look like little MaryJanes. Once I'm home again I'll get a picture posted.


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