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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Meeting goals and other problems

Heh. Last week I posted some goals for the week -- so let's see how we did, eh?

  • Wash and block Baby Olé --- not yet, but it will be done tomorrow

  • finish DB baby sweater -- I've got the back and one sleeve done, working on the front. I had to set it aside for other projects temporarily.

  • mail off SB package -- um, nope. Will be in the mail before Sunday, though.

  • finish second pair of booties -- sort of: the pair is finished but I have to weave in a couple ends.

  • get halfway through diagonal scarf -- YES! This scarf makes a great project for chorus/choir rehearsals and meetings...

  • work on a UFO -- well, not exactly

So, my record is 1.75 out of 6. In my defense, I would like to note that last week was rather hectic (it took this long for me to update my list!). I did take that weaving class this weekend, and I am halfway through my second project on that so I think I am doing well, craft-wise.

Over the next couple days I must finish the hat to match Baby Olé - the baby shower is Saturday! :)


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