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Friday, September 26, 2003

Movie review and a knit-along

I just got back from seeing Luther, with Joseph Fiennes. I must say that it was an amazingly well-done portrayal -- even if they did have to skim over a few things to get 30+ years worth of history into 2 hours and 5 minutes. This movie gets an A- from me, and I do recommend you see it if you are at all interested.

As to the knit-along: I will be knitting Tilt after all, so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment with your name/nickname (and any other info you want) and I will happily coordinate the knit-along for this fabulous coat. The whole thing came together as a birthday gift to me (who knew what wishful thinking on a blog would bring? :) so I am aiming at October 12th for the start, since that will be my birthday. :D Of course, anyone who starts earlier or later is still welcome to join in!!!


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