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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Nu? How are we doing?

I just got back from an enjoyable afternoon knitting (okay, okay, I admit - I was crocheting) down at HCW. Debbala asked what colors the fribble scarf was being made from.

The fribble scarf uses four balls of Koigu KPPPM, and the colors I used are P121, P126, P141 and P143 -- at least I think that is the order. I used the purples in the center, then reds, then blue, then greens for the outside edging. Speaking of the edging, I am halfway through, so the scarf is almost done!

I still didn't get any work done on that Debbie Bliss sweater, but I did get some done on the diagonal scarf, as well as finished the loomed project (well, I just finished weaving, anyway - I still have to work on the fringe). I have this week to finish that baby sweater and one or both of the scarves, so I can focus on making a swatch for Tilt.


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