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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Warning: pictures ahead!

Ok, so I finally found the problem with my digital camera, and got a few more pictures off tonight. First, I am happy to announce that Baby Olé and matching hat are officially done: washed, blocked and everything.

I sincerely hope M likes them -- the baby shower is tomorrow...oops, make that today. The set is made from Opal sock yarn, which snugged up a bit after washing and drying. I will note for anyone else making the hat that you must do more than 8 rows of i-cord if you actually expect to be able to tie that topknot.

Last weekend, some of you know, I took a weaving class at Hill Country. This is a great new hobby I've found! The only drawback is that it gets a little expensive -- the projects take less yarn but you finish them so fast you have to buy more! I even have a sneak preview of the next project currently on the loom (NOTE: if you may be expecting a Christmas present from me this year, don't click the link - it may be for you!). The project on the left is the first item off my loom, and eventually it will be a bag (click it for a closeup of the pattern). It is done in Provence and a Tahki yarn that escapes my memory for the moment. When it's complete, I'll post full details. :)

Finally, I would like to report that I am between a third and half-way through the fribble scarf. Isn't she fribbulous? Click the pic for a funky cool closeup of the corkscrews.

...and now - time for bed!


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