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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Weaving and babies and other fun stuff

I feel so lost, two days almost completely away from the internet...

What have I been up to? Glad you asked! ;) I spent this weekend learning to weave from the wonderful LYS owner here. Hey, after all it is called Hill Country Weavers, no? :D I've even finished my first project and started on a second. The first will be a bag once I sew up the seams, and when it is finished I will post pics. The second (and third, and probably more) will be Christmas presents - weaving is just so darn FAST (not to mention fun! :).

Don't worry, all - I won't be hanging up my needles and hooks for a loom just yet. I've discovered that when you finish a project in an afternoon, you spend too much money because you want to start another project immediately! :D On the other hand, in order to set up the table loom at home I had to clean off my table first, which makes it the first time in many moons that my dining room table has been cleared off...

Now about those babies...congratulations again to die Knittingfrau on the birth of a bouncing and beautiful baby boy. Hop on over and see the wonderful pics! You might also stop into Yentala's and leave a goodwill wish in the cyber baby shower.

Well, back to my weaving. Night all!


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