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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Rinse and...well, you know

Ugh. And I mean that. I have a dentist appointment this morning that I am not looking forward to. On the plus side, I should get some knitting done while I am in the waiting room.

I got about 6 more inches done on my Eros scarf last night, and 2 rows on PF yesterday during my break. I also made another small handful of stitch markers. Michael's had a sale on some glass beads and I couldn't resist -- looks like I might have to seriously take up beadwork again...

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Serious Start-itis

Yes, I think I have start-itis. I can start projects -- must start new projects -- but I'm having a heck of a time finishing them. :) Here's the latest new WIP on my needles:

Ok, so this is only a pic of the yarn, but I am making a couple scarves from Eros. I started the first one last night and should have it finished in the next day or so, provided I have the knitting time. PF is coming along nicely, too - it is actually recognizeable as the start of a garment now. I think by the time I have the 4th ball done it will go faster -- that should be the 15 inch point I think. Well, time to go to work.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Sometimes you just need more than 2 days off. :) Unfortunately I didn't get it this past weekend, but I did get to meet a great-aunt I'd never met and we had fun. Spent some time (and money) in Fredericksburg and did quite a bit of running around.

I did get some quality knitting time in this weekend as well - finished my OSW entry, which is a hat done in random bits of garter, st st and rev st st. It didn't do what I wanted it to, however, so it probably won't be the stellar entry I'd hoped for. I've got a couple other entries as well, so we'll see what happened. I also finished another pair of those baby mocassins - they are so cute!

Poor PF has been a bit feeling a bit abandoned this last week, but starting today I'll focus on it again.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Super silly sock stuff

Give me the gift of a grip-top sock,
A clip drape shipshape tip top sock.
Not your spinslick slapstick slipshod stock,
But a plastic, elastic grip-top sock.
None of your fantastic slack swap slop
From a slap dash flash cash haberdash shop.
Not a knick knack knitlock knockneed knickerbocker sock
With a mock-shot blob-mottled trick-ticker top clock.
Not a supersheet seersucker rucksack sock,
Not a spot-speckled frog-freckled cheap sheik's sock
Off a hodge-podge moss-blotched scotch-botched block.
Nothing slipshod drip drop flip flop or glip glop
Tip me to a tip top grip top sock.

Found in the 1st Internaltional Collection of Tongue Twisters. Fun, wot?

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Lookee, lookee!

Well, I did it. I got my tools organized finally and started making a few stitch markers.

The two coiled wire ones mark my first real foray into wire working - and I've discovered that I really need to make myself a jig for some of the shapes I want to try. My first couple of coils came out okay, though; I just need practice.

The ring markers are 9 mm in diameter, so they should fit up to about 8.5 mm needles. I'm going to experiment with different sizes and shape to see what I like best. One of these days, I might also get into Fimo bead making and play with designs there as well. All the beads come from my extensive bead stash that I haven't played with since....oh...about 1997 -- that was when the Monkees tour came to town and I made a bunch of beaded frogs, necklaces and other gifts for some friends who came to see the show.

Right now, stitch markers are FUN. And that's a Good Thing (tm). :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Argh and phooey

Well, pooh. By dint of careful stretching out, I got myself into a comfortable position in which I could do some beadwork. Eh, relatively comfortable.

And then I realized that I didn't have my wire cutters. Even more carefully, I closed up my bead kits (that I'd opened looking for the cutters in the first place) and unwound myself from my assorted tools and whatnot to go in search of my cutters. They're nowhere to be found.

Hmph. I always put my beading tools away. ...except...last Christmas I was frantically trying to finish some Christmas tree ornaments to give to co-workers and the ladies at my LYS and apparently the wire cutters didn't make it back into the tool kit. Nor are they anywhere near the remainders from that project (which are in a plastic baggie by my computer, for some reason). Double hmph.

Two choices here (maybe more, I suppose) -- I can wait until payday and go get a new pair, OR I can run out now and get a new pair tonight. The first option means that I have to put off my Aha! project for a few days, by which time I may no longer want to do it. The second means I have to get myself dressed and out of the house in icky weather to go down to Hobby Lobby. There is a third option -- that I simply clean up the place until I find them -- but although I will eventually clean (which really takes more range of motion than I am willing to admit I don't yet have), I know that I really already needed to replace those ratty cutters because the blades were starting to get dented -- they were my first ever pair and pretty cheap to boot. On the other hand (mixing metaphors and how many hands am I on anyway?) I probably don't need to go spending the money tonight.

Sigh. Guess it is back to the crocheting -- not that there isn't plenty of that to do around here. :D

Happy birthday, Meesha!

Yes, today is a good friend's birthday - and I hope she has a marvelous one! I also hope her birthday present is that UPS package I have waiting at home...

Last night I had intended to make some stitch markers -- I had the beading bug, which hasn't struck me in a long time. I even went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some more beading wire, since I was sure I didn't have a spool of 20 gauge left anywhere. If I do, it certainly wasn't in my beadwork boxes, 'cause I did check when I got home.

Of course, I tried to sit up in bed (with a TV pillow behind me) to do the work, but I kept stretching my leg too far (and too painfully) so I had to resort to crocheting. That little project turned out rather cute, though! Maybe I can start the stitch markers tonight.

Monday, April 21, 2003


* don't underestimate mindless projects

Just finished a two-hour project that I think I might enter in the One Skein Wonder contest at my LYS. Want to take a guess at what it is?

This is not the super secret OSW entry I have mentioned off to the right -- that one is still in progress after having been frogged a couple times. I'll get it the way I want it eventually...

Russian Review

Here's a great review of our concert this weekend. Unfortunately, the critic did not overtly focus on the chorus as much (well, it was an ASO concert, after all) but he did make some good statements about 3 of our major pieces (the Polovestian Dances, Coronation Scene and Death Scene) that have given us all warm fuzzies. :D

Sunday, April 20, 2003

He is risen...

...He is risen indeed, Alleluia! Happy Easter, everyone!

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Saturday, April 19, 2003


Whew -- two awesome performances later, I am still alive! :) You know, the soloist had them clapping, but the chorus got them all on their feet. :)

I finished the second ball for PF today - 7 more to go... Now it is way past my bedtime if I want to get up for sunrise service, so goodnight and HAPPY EASTER to all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Midweek pinks and purples

Ok, who knows the song title I stole the idea for my subject line from?

At any rate, I am still sore beyond belief. It has made getting around for work and Chorus a little challenging. On the plus side, Chorus last night went really well -- Peter Bay came to direct us in our last rehearsal without the symphony. Turns out that he is a great director for a Chorus -- we'll see tonight if he can still direct us well over the symphony. His tempo changes are a hoot, but some of us need to be kept on our toes. :)

I did get 3 more rows of Pink Flutterby done before practice started last night - once Maestro Bay showed up to rehearsal there was no opportunity to knit during practice. We did finish up an hour early, though, so I won't complain about it. :) 2 more rehearsals before the concerts!!!

Monday, April 14, 2003

Hill 1 - Me 0

Today I got some knitting done, but it wasn't my idea. Yesterday we were out at the Veloway for a walk/bike/skate-a-thon for the local Lutheran church-schools. I thought it would be a great idea to take my skates (rollerskates, mind you - not my Rollerblades) because everyone told me there were no slopes to worry about on the short track.

Yeah. Less than 5 minutes into my first lap, I went sliding down that non-existent slope. On my behind. So much for all my pads. Now the backs of my legs are all scraped up and raw and I have bruises in places I'd rather not think about. I went to work for a few hours today but sitting for long periods of time just wasn't in the cards, so I headed home early and have now spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening lying on my stomach. I did get a little knitting done in the interim, but mostly I am reading books and watching TV.

Tomorrow, I am taking a pillow with me. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Headband or coif?

...you decide...

Here's a pic I forgot to upload the other day -- this is my first Knitty project. I did this in Chat rather than the Goa the pattern called for, but I think it came out rather well.

Pink Flutterby is starting to look a little more normal as well - so far I have about 5 inches done. It is going to take me forever to finish 15 inches of stockingette in the round, but in the end I hope it will be worth it. :)

Friday, April 11, 2003


Cool beans -- check out the surprise at knitty.com... Tres magnifique!

(...with apologies to the French language and to Jane, if she reads this, for my lack of accentuation... :)

Want a hat with those socks?

Check out this Rolled Brim Sock Hat - it is a great pattern for that extra sock yarn! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet....

...oh, Peeeeggy? *grin*

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Random goodness...

Someone just told me that I had gorgeous hair. It's comments like that that'll give you warm fuzzies all day. :D

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Take a quiz...

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the groovtastic ghouls at Spookbot

Well, I knew I was an incurable romantic, but I still thought I'd get Katherine Parr... :D

I got a few more rows of PF done last night at Chorus rehearsal -- another 3 hour rehearsal is coming up tonight, so I'll be working on it then, too. Thankfully the director cancelled our Saturday rehearsal *woohoo!* so I have a chance to catch up on some housework and whatnot that ISN'T getting done this week or next due to the still insane schedule. Our concert is next friday and there still remains about 20 hours of rehearsals between now and then. Or more. Augh.

Monday, April 07, 2003

1 Down, 8 (or 9) to go...

Well, I just finished the first skein of Cinema for Pink Flutterby during my lunch break today. Tonight I'll add in the second sken and see how far I can get.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Bootie call!

Awww, get your head out of the gutter. :D Anyway, I did finally get the pics up that I've been promising y'all! Hit the Photo Albums link there in the right-hand bar and you can see the updates in the Knit Projects album, as well as the WIPs and chains album for more.

The main two projects I want to focus on right now are Pink Flutterby and my first sock. Wish me luck! :)

Friday, April 04, 2003

Prayers needed

I just found out that a good friend is in the hospital -- even now he is undergoing emergency surgery to put in a pacemaker. I pray that he comes through fine, and that his wife (who I've known since college) is not stressed any more. They are really a wonderful couple and deserve only good things out of life and I pray that God brings them through this happy and healthy with the same fortitude they've always had.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Pink Flutterbys

Well, I cast on yet another new project tonight. Actually, this one has been a Work In Planning for a bit - but I was able to get the yarn at my LYS (I was waiting for her First Thursday sale, but my yarn was unfortunately not on sale) and cast it on immediately.

I have dubbed the new project Pink Flutterby -- it is really pattern #5 from the latest FCEK, but since they don't name their patterns, I chose a name. When I get a few more rows done, I'll take a pic and you can see this yummy thing. It is done in Artful Yarns Cinema, and the color I chose is (I think) Auntie Em. It is mainly a fuchsia ribbon yarn with hints of a coordinating orange stranded in, held together with black. Yes, that sounds odd, but the color really is knitting up scrumptiously.

Yarnies 1 - Tonya 0

Someone spoke up...and she's speaking for a lot of us!

However, I think Tonya is just misguided. Yes, this may be from an underlying need to prove herself superior for NOT wanting to be "crafty" but that's really besides the point. Women and men participate in crafting, for various reasons. While I can't speak for the entire crafting community, I can certainly say that I don't knit or crochet out of a need to "nest". (No comments from the peanut gallery... :) I craft because I do find it relaxing, and it provides a creative outlet for me. Besides, it is fun - try it, you may like it! :D