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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Welcome home...

Oy. And you can quote me on that. Nothing like finally shaking off jet lag only to realize that you have a killer of a sinus problem. Welcome back to Austin - have some pollen. Sigh.

Well, I did manage to get to my first ACC rehearsal in a month last night, although I didn't stay for the whole thing (singers tend to shy away from others who are snuffling the whole time). I thought I remembered more of Judas Maccabaeus than that!

I did actually get some knitting in on my trip and last night. The Spring Flingers will be happy to hear that I finished one Eros scarf (sorry, no pics - it was snapped up by one of my fellow travelers) and most of a second. The third will also be for one of my compatriots on the trip and I'll get pics of those two as soon as I can. Of course, Eros scarves don't change much from pic to pic... :D Last night I also started a baby blanket for a friend who just had a baby. I've only got about 5 1/2 ounces of this cotton, though, so I don't know how large the blanket will be. If I'm lucky maybe I'll find another color of this or a similar one at my LYS this week to add to the total (using 3 colors of a cotton/wool/lycra blend called Breeze - discontinued, I think). We shall see.

Well, off to work for me - with my Sudafed in tow. Toodles!


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