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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Calgon take me away

I'm being punished. I just can't come up with another explanation for it - it has to be some sort of cosmic "that's what you get". Not that I believe in such stuff.

I just can't seem to get a break this weekend! Yesterday morning I deliberately pulled Pink Flutterby out of the WIP pile in which it was languishing -- it's Spring and long past time for me to finish that poor thing. Unfortunately I did not see the bag of additional yarn for PF with the project. "No matter," I thought, the remaining hanks would turn up later and I still had the better part of a ball wrapped up in the project. Not so. In fact, I had only about 4 rows worth with the project, and had to return to an Eros scarf (they make great mindless knitting when you need a take-along project).

This afternoon, I decided I really did need to get back to work on PF and embarked on a more thorough search for the balls of Cinema. I think I have now located just about every skein of cotton, acrylic, wool, sock yarn, etc. that is quietly aging in my stash, but no Cinema. Argh. Fine - I'd just work on another WIP. Goodness knows I have plenty.

Well, sitting beside my TV/computer chair is a swift holding Noro Daria, for a purse I am crocheting. It's a very pretty cord, but after a while your hands will get very tired. I finished about 3 rounds on the purse and noticed that my index finger was getting too sore from manipulating this cord. Time to move on to something else. The lack of Cinema still haunted me, so I searched (fruitlessly) once more. By this time, irritation had truly set in.

Argh, argh and triple argh. PF suited my mood for the moment - a nice spring-y top. I do need to finish that cardigan from Silk Garden, but the weather is too nice, too warm for me to work on it now. In a fit of pique, I decided that I'd start the Elsbeth Lavold tank from her Viking collection (yes, I know it is Silky Wool, but it is still a tank, and the yarn feels rather light). The skeins of Silky Wool in denim are all together, just waiting for me to begin. But wait - where did my Lavold pattern book go? I know I saw that brown cover here in the last couple of days. Once more we hunt fruitlessly through the stash, then through the rest of the apartment. Once again, no dice. At this point, my suspicion of punishment has really started to set in.

Okay, we can leave the Lavold tank and use a different tank pattern - I can always obtain more Silky Wool, or I can use some of this other stash yarn hanging about. Time to bring out the latest Vogue magazine, with that crisscross tank that is so stunning. Yes, here's the magazine - it hasn't suddenly gone missing. Of course, looking at the pattern, none of the yarn that I have readily available in the quantity necessary matches that gauge. Ugh and argh and all that again.

Sigh. Am I being punished for lack of commitment? I know I have issues finishing things - perhaps it is the start-itis. Perhaps my short attention span has led me down the evil path of procrastination once too often. Perhaps I just need to clean this apartment, and also focus on the websites and photos I should be updating instead of knitting or crocheting (NO comments from the peanut gallery - and that goes for you both, V and E! :). Oh, expletive deleted. Granted, now I am so irritated that my tension would be way off - and I am definitely too irritated to work on anything that requires concentration (the pics and websites will have to wait, I'm afraid).

Well, if you're still reading, thank you for letting me indulge in a little ranting - mainly at myself, but there you have it. We are our own worst enemies sometimes, no? Time to sleep on the matter, I think. Maybe all my missing bits will miraculously appear in the morning. Maybe little elves will clean my apartment overnight. Okay, maybe not, but at least I can dream.


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