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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Getting behind

Ya, I know I said I've have some pics up, but there simply hasn't been time... Okay, so I spent most of yesterday in bed medicating the allergy/sinus/whatever attack I've had since I got home. Ugh.

It did allow me a little knitting time though (between naps enforced by strong medication). I've gotten several more rows done on the baby blanket, after frogging my first attempt because I decided it was a little too firm of a fabric - switched from size 7 US to size 10 US needles and I am much happier with it. Not too loose, but airy enough for this climate, plus it is cotton anyway.

Back to work this morning, but today is FIRST THURSDAY. Head on over to Yentala's for some possible hints on the sale -- no guarantees, though, as the shop owner does like to set the actual sale at the last minute. :D


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