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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Stupid car

*sigh* Life is never free from tribulations. Today my main tribulation is the car. The beast. The irritating piece of scrap metal and rubber, without which I couldn't hold down a job at my current place of employment (all hail public transportation, and boo the City of Round Rock which won't allow Capital Metro in).

Don't get me wrong - normally I love my car. It has been the most reliable piece of transportation I've ever owned (also the only one I've ever purchased through an actual car dealer, so that may say something). However, this morning I will be late to work because Punky got an attitude. Somehow I have a premonition that it is going to be a rather expensive attitude. :( So...Punky is off to the auto shop, and I am off (late) to work.

Something on a cheerier note, since I am a bit of a geek after all:

Version: 1.1

KELR++$ Exp+ SPM+ Wood++@ Bam+ AddiT++ Den+++ Scale+
Syn+@ Nov++ Cot+@ Wool+@ Lux++ Hemp-- Stash++ Swatch-
Fin Int Tex+ Lace+ Circ++ DPN ML2++ KIP++ Blog+++
SNB+ EZ++ FO++ WIP+++ GaugeDK@ AltCr+++$XWv+



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