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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Proof of an FO

Lookie, cookie, who finally got her camera out! 'Twas a near miss, too - at first I couldn't find a decent location for the photo shoot. Then the models were cranky...you know the routine. However, the stars aligned to bring you this wonderful shot:

Aren't we precious?

These are baby booties I did for a friend expecting her first grandchild. The parents-to-be have nicknamed the baby Tinkerbell until she is born, so I felt that any Tinkerbell needed to have appropriate footwear. :)

Technical details: LA pattern booklet Bootie Collection, pattern Antique Lace. Done on a size 7 hook with size 10 mercerized cotton crochet thread. Started 6/13/04, completed 6/16/04.


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