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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Picture pages, picture pages

Time to get your crayon and your pencil...

Wow, a whopped-upside-the-head trip down memory lane. You've got to love those. :D At any rate, certain people (not mentioning any names, Lisa ;) have been politely kicking me to get some pictures up here, since I tend to run behind.

So, to catch everyone up on what's been happening here lately:

We went to Scholz' to start celebrating my 30th birthday earlier this month. (Click the thumbnail for a larger view --I'm in the orange shirt, and it may be one of the few times you see a picture of me on the web. :) Here's a more artful shot of more of the attendees. Those of you who've seen other photos might note that V apparently always needs...artful embellishment about the head. *chuckle*

On the Monday before my birthday, my mother and her boyfriend accompanied me on a sightseeing trip of Central Texas. Ok, it was really a winery-seeing trip, I admit it. We DID get some cultural redemption of it all, though - we stopped by the LBJ ranch in Johnson City (I haven't been through there since grade school) and hiked up the trail to the Sauer-Beckmann living farm. This is a property adjoining the LBJ ranch that maintains turn-of-the-last-century living, lifestyles of the 1900s. There were quite a lot of chickens, and even a very friendly cow or two. Of course, there were lots of other animals, but they weren't feeling especially photogenic. :D

Between then and now, not much has happened that was overly picture-worthy, but I do have photos of the FOs I cast off this past week:

Mr. DeVille, I'm ready for my closeup
Done in eye-burning Hot Pink Red Heart Kids, from the Knitty.com Hallowig pattern.

Just another Noro hat, but ain't it yummy?

The hat is destined for a charitable cause, and the wig is destined for tonight's party. Bad llama, duck.


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