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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sex, skies, and birthday cake

Ok, no sex. But here's a great picture of the skies over Austin this week:

It's been just a little rainy since the leftovers from the multiple hurricane systems shoved inland. I am very thankful that I don't live closer to the coast, however.

As far as the birthday cake goes, get a load of this:

Knittin' me a birthday cake shawl...

This is the shawl from the K1C2 Have Your Cake and Knit it Too kit. I think just a few more inches and I'll be done. Hopefully in time for my birthday. :D We did have a nice SnB tonight - got to see Chelsea and the twins again, as well as meeting Sara. Lisa was sadly unable to join us, but we had a few other non-bloggers there as well.

This Thursday is first Thursday, so be sure to stop by your friendly neighborhood LYS to check out the sale!


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