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Friday, October 21, 2005

What a beautiful day!

I love fall in Texas (when it finally gets here... :)

Today it was a balmy 80-something degrees, with a nice strong breeze. At work, we played kickball in the afternoon for a small offsite. We decided that it was definitely one of our more successful ventures. I'm still quite a bit tired from it, though. :D

Now I am off to deliver the hat and bootie set - that I still haven't posted a picture of - to the person who commissioned it. I'll take a pic before I drop it off and try to get it posted later tonight. That and the capelet I finished last week or so. Ooh, and some more scarves. Okay, okay, so I am dreadfully behind on posting pics.

Oh, and if Victor reads this - it is 6:30 PM and USC STILL SUCKS! Heh.


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