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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blog me, baby!

You've just gotta love a news article like this.

Coming up next month, my blog will celebrate its 3rd birthday. (Wow.) I originally started this blog as kind of an experiment, knowing that my longevity in actually journaling any activity was actually pretty short. To date I've kept track of quite a number of projects that otherwise would go completely forgotten by me - occasionally I browse through my archives to see what I was doing on such-and-such project or day. Will I ever get tired of blogging? Probably, someday (attention span of a GNAT, I tell ya!).

But for now, I'll just sing along. Blogs, wonderful blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mea culpa

Well, I once again have been a bad blogger. Work has just been so busy lately that I haven't had the opportunity to post regularly, but I will try to get better. After all, this is my journal.

In my defense, I would like to point out that I've kept this journal going for almost three years now. I think my record for a journal prior to that was about 4 weeks.

While I am at making this long overdue blog post, I would like to thank Anmiryam for being a super fantabulous Secret Pal for the SP4 round. It took me a couple days to open the box but once I did I was very pleasantly surprised! More details to come once I find the pic I took when I received the package.

Speaking of pics:

I love this quote - it is so me. This is a proverb etched in a paving stone at the Arboretum (I think) in Dallas, Texas -- I went up a couple weeks ago to visit a friend who has moved back there.

In knitting news, I finished one sock in Regia Stretch, and now I will frog it because it too is just a little bit too small. I need more practice at the measure-as-you-go concept; apparently I am stretching the piece too much and so it fits, but a bit tighter than I like. I also finished a shawl crocheted from Lion Suede by Lion Brand -- pics to come as soon as I weave in the ends.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Only a year later...

...give or take a few months.

I finally bought my loom!! It is modeled after the LeClerc Dorothy loom and was hand-built from instructions published by LeClerc by the father of a woman who attends my church. She is also a weaver but needed to reclaim the space from this extra one. I haven't measured it to be certain, but I believe it is the 24" width, and it is 4 heddle with a 15 dent reed.

Now I need to get my weaving yarns organized and decide what project to tie up first... Startitis strikes again! :D

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Queen of Startitis

I seem to have been attacked by startitis again. Rather than working on my sock in progress, or my ruana, or even the Bamboo Tank (the only three WIPs I'll admit to, at the moment :) I pulled out some Lion Brand Suede for a crocheted triangular shawl.

To the sock that is knit from stretch yarn on size 1 needles: I promise to finish your cuff...eventually. Who knows, you might even get a mate!

To the ruana: remind me why I decided to make a hairpin lace ruana from yarn I already hate?

To the bamboo tank: don't pout and I might just finish you to take to Jamaica this fall. :)