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Monday, October 31, 2005

Wonder if I can get that in small bills...

My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Gotta love days when your blog shows up as the number one result in a search for the bOING bOING article on "knit a fuzzy huggable uterus". Okay, people, just check Knitty. And back awaaaaaaaaaaaay from the keyboard.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Someone kicked the anthill

You get cozy in your own little world, busily doing the things a good little ant should.... Then BOOM - someone comes along and kicks the anthill. Thankfully I was not squished in the process, but a lot of the trails are gone or rearranged. Sigh.

A few who know me well might have been amused (or scared) by the number of times the F word came out of my mouth today, though.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Holy Guacamole

This is a good review. Actually, good might be an understatement. Oh, just read it already, will ya?

For the climate-impaired, it is under 70 degrees here in central Texas and we are COLD, dangit!

Well, creamed carp, Batman - it has sure been a day of ups and downs.

UP - Texas is now ranked first in the BCS standings! ( It's 4pm, and USC STILL SUCKS!)
DOWN - I get off work at 3, but I have a 6 pm conference call. Icky, ugh, bleah.
UP - A package was (supposed to be) delivered for me today!
DOWN - DHL is run by goobers who think that I deliberately want to be victimized and won't deliver a package to the MANAGER'S OFFICE who specifically have written permission to sign for things. (pant pant) So now all of the major shipping services have done BAD THINGS in recent history while delivering (or not, as the case may be) packages to my door.

All badness aside, tonight is KIP night - and to heck with everything else.

Friday, October 21, 2005

What a beautiful day!

I love fall in Texas (when it finally gets here... :)

Today it was a balmy 80-something degrees, with a nice strong breeze. At work, we played kickball in the afternoon for a small offsite. We decided that it was definitely one of our more successful ventures. I'm still quite a bit tired from it, though. :D

Now I am off to deliver the hat and bootie set - that I still haven't posted a picture of - to the person who commissioned it. I'll take a pic before I drop it off and try to get it posted later tonight. That and the capelet I finished last week or so. Ooh, and some more scarves. Okay, okay, so I am dreadfully behind on posting pics.

Oh, and if Victor reads this - it is 6:30 PM and USC STILL SUCKS! Heh.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Notre Dame was so robbed.

Notre Dame should have won that game. They should not have rolled back the clock. Sigh. On the plus side, UT won (go 'Horns!) and VA Tech had a bye, so should be no issue holding onto the second place berth. Pah - USC only holds 1st place overall because of last year's season. We need a PLAYOFF in the BSC.

Wierd Encounters of the Austin Kind
Earlier today I went to the mall, and ran into a gentleman who really wanted to know which artist inked my tattoo. Turns out that he and a friend own that tattoo parlor and he recognized it from the artist's portfolio -- and this fellow also told me he was the drummer for Slipknot. (I think - although SK isn't supposed to be in Austin this weekend according to their website, unless there are two bands of that name or I have the wrong band name.) So, that's my minor brush with perhaps celebrity for the week, which I wouldn't have had if I were in San Antonio like I was supposed to be this weekend -- as I was getting ready to take off for SA, I noticed a missed call from Mom on Friday; turns out she and her sweetie took off for Galveston for the weekend because she decided she needed a vacation from work. Don't blame her at all.

Well, it means I missed a trip to Dallas, too - I'd let a friend know I couldn't go since I was planning to be in SA (hadn't gotten down to visit Mom for a couple months). On the plus side, I got quite a bit of game-time knitting done: finished a bootie set and got started on some socks, as well as three more Barbie-knitter scarves.

Still mad about USC winning, though.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

This is for Sammi

I like big balls and I don't know why.
You other knitters can't deny.
When a yarn rolls in with an itty bitty band and a soft feel to your hand you get...

REALLY BIG YARN BALLS. Heh. Now there's a phrase I don't get to use every day. The above balls are Schoeller-Stahl Big Ball in color 03, which is a pinky-purply mixture. The balls are 200g and approximately 180 meters (~198yds) worth of yarn. So I had to get two.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, today I am officially (gasp) 31 years old.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes! I've taken the day off work and I'm going to go cause some trouble. Well, really I am going shopping and to the movies, and then dinner later, but hey, that counts!

Someone asked about the yarn I bought - in case you can't see the label in the pic, it is Reynolds Smil3e Smile (can't seem to want to type it without the silent 3, for some reason - which should also give some of you a hint as to why it came home with me). Any resemblance to the bedspread in the background is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Saying goodbye to 30

In just a few short hours, I turn 29...again! Heh. Well, I've only got about 4 more hours to be 30, then I'll deny it ever happened.

Weirdest mail of the day: a birthday card from my student loan corporation.

Coolest bumpersticker: I fight like a girl!

...and the bestest birthday present (well, not really, since Diane gave me Spamalot and I haven't gotten all my pressies, but this is what I bought myself:

Now... the only question is what to do with it. Shall I do the sweater, or the cape?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Game Day Knitting

Another Saturday, another glorious day for football. My plans for the day changed so that I can indeed watch the Texas-OU game on TV (although I almost won tickets to get there in person).

What's next up on the knitting line? Well, it will be crocheting mostly, today. Scrunchies and embellished flip-flops to sell at bazaar, and then maybe some simple scarves as well. I've really gotta beef up my inventory in the next couple of weeks.

Go 'Horns!