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Friday, November 24, 2006

Good intentions be damned

It was originally my plan to not succumb to the temptations of Black Friday. No retail whore am I! Yeah, whatever. I was good at first and even though I woke up at 4 am for no explainable reason, I went back to sleep (okay, it took a little reading first). When I did finally roll out of bed, I did the morning routine - clean up, get dressed, breakfast, etc. - and then sat down to play a little FFXIII before the big game came on.

Aside: big game my heinie. I love my 'Horns, but what the hell happened today???

I left at halftime to go meet some friends at a local coffeeshop to knit. Admittedly, I did think about skipping knitting to watch the rest of the game, but after the first half I was getting rather ticked about the whole thing. We would have won at least 13-12 if one bad call had not been made, but that's another story. After knitting I decided to take a spin up to the standalone Lane Bryant to see if the parking situation was sane enough for me to try to shop. After all, a specialty women's clothing store shouldn't be too packed on Black Friday, right?

It turns out, it wasn't too bad -- and I got a fabulous jacket I'd been panting over at more than half off, which was worth it. As long as I was out, I figured I'd check out sales at a couple other specialty shops - one game store and one toy store. The game store (Dragon's Lair, for the curious) did not have the item I was seeking for my eldest nephew, unfortunately, but the toy store did yield three of the five kid gifts I needed to get. After that my car mysteriously took the wrong toll road (I admit it, I was on the phone to my sister and didn't pay attention to which on-ramp I needed, but I was at least paying attention to the cars around me) and since I was headed that way anyway, I went out to Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe. Even they had a BF sale, and I bought a couple skeins of super soft yarns for more chemo caps for a friend of a friend.

...and now, consumer whore that I have turned out to be, I have returned home to make dinner and play more video games until I stumble off to bed dreaming of more ways to spend money.

P.S. Friends who holler at other people who park their Escalades badly rock. They really do. :D


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