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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Like pulling off a band-aid

Sigh - my poor Longhorns. They did well, but not well enough after Colt McCoy was injured to hold onto our hopes for the national title. The need to see the new BCS rankings is like the desire to pull off an old bandaid - you know it needs to happen, but you also know it is going to hurt. Of course, it is also disturbing that no reports have come from Mack on the extent of Colt's injury, although not surprising. I certainly hope Colt is okay. Regardless, you can bet that Jevan Snead will be getting more work in practice.

On the plus side, we're still up for Big 12 South champions and if our team is healthy and ready we should take the Big 12 easily. That may mean that we end up back in the Cotton Bowl at the end of the season, but perhaps - just perhaps - the BCS and other bowl organizers will consider Texas for a more prestigious berth.


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