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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Murdered man was world-famous juggler

Murdered man was world-famous juggler. RIP, Red. We'll miss you.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Quick Online Tips ? The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Just a quick blog grab for some tools I want to play with.... You can play, too!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's the little things that make you happy...

Heehee. Check this out. Thanks, Sammi! :D

Friday, May 26, 2006


In the disturbing section of Overheard...

4 or 5-yr-old kid at next table: Are you part German?
Lady at same table (who looked slightly Hispanic, if anything): No - there might be some Scottish in me, though.
Kid: Oh good, 'cause if you were German it would be World War II again *pa pow*pa pow*

I weep for the future.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Twice done is well begun

Wow, I had no idea you could get this kind of energy high off yoga. I certainly don't remember ever being this hyper after a session in my previous attempts at taking classes in it. Today I took the gentle Hatha class - standard Hatha poses modified slightly for those with injuries or disabilities and much slower than a standard class. Not that Hatha moves all that quickly, if I recall correctly.

So the flowers to the left represent how my back feels after that session -- nice and open. Okay, not completely so; I still have quite a few twinges in my lower back, but I am optimistic that yoga will help, especially as visits to the chiro have been limited in their benefit.

The flowers were in the gardens of an art museum in Dallas, in full bloom a year and a couple weeks ago when I visited a friend who had just moved back there. It was taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A210 -- and now I look at that picture to compare with the even better ones I take with my Olympus and just sigh happily. Camera love. :D

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Relaxing is hard work

Whoo. I just got back from a restorative yoga class - admittedly my first class in a couple years or more. I forgot how difficult it is not just to assume a pose but to abandon yourself to it. The class lasted forever and it was over in a heartbeat. One pose almost made me cry to try it, and another brought such relief to my lower back it was amazing. Mental note: stretch more, think less.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watchin' some A.S.S.

I love the Asylum Street Spankers. These guys (and gals) are great -- total stoner jazz. I know that sounds odd, but they kick tail.

So how am I watching them and typing at the same time, you ask? Well, I have the fabulous Re-Assembly DVD, their 10th Anniversary reunion concert show. Some of you may recall a couple Decembers ago when I attended this show and gushed about how much fun it was. Re-watching the show is not quite as fun as being there in person, but DUDE, I'm on the DVD! :D If you're a Spankers fan, watch for the triskadekaphobia.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Let the snark begin...

Some days it is all I can do to contain my inner parent. And not the happy fun one - the one that scolds you for not following the rules and deliberately flaunting authority. Not that some people couldn't do with a good swat to the behind.

Sigh. Some rules are made to be broken and some rules are just silly, but rules are rules and more than a few are put in place for your safety and the safety of those around you. Oh, and also so the owners of the place won't get sued.

Case in point: pool rules, specifically for an apartment complex. In very large black letters, the rules are posted so most people (if you're legally blind, you're excused) can read them. Most people blithely ignore said rules, until and unless someone else in the pool area is bothering them. Our pool has fourteen rules, the most prominent of which is that no children allowed without a monitoring adult. Fair enough. No diving. Eh, that one is kind of annoying but since there is no lifeguard, okay. No domestic animals in the pool area. Ding ding ding number one for some of my neighbors who decided to bring their golden retriever along. To be fair to them, they were trying to make sure he just laid down, but this was obviously a young dog and didn't care to lay down and stay out of the way -- he wanted to PLAY and didn't understand why his people wouldn't let him romp. Moving along - no horseplay. Yeah, like that one ever gets followed, but amazingly enough people were actually polite enough to keep the horseplay to their own small groups in the pool. No food or drink in the pool area. Ding ding ding number two for THE SAME FOLKS. They started off well enough, with the drinks off to the side on a table. In pitchers, which generally means alcohol (oh yeah, another pool rule - no alcohol inside the fences, and anyone seen to be under the influence will be removed at management's discretion). Soon enough, this changed to actually having glasses in the pool. Moving along again - no glass containers in the pool area. This is actually a really good rule to have, as most glass containers these days contain...alchohol. See above rules. Ding ding ding number three for the same group of people.

Okay, I am not a heartless wench who would disallow all fun. I like a pool party myself, but even at a private pool party some of those rules would hold, if only because it is a pain in the derriere to clean detritus and human/animal by-products out of the filters and off the walks around the pool, and no-one has to be concerned about someone knocking over glass on the sidewalk and causing problems for all the bare-footed people. Take the party to the grassy picnic area outside the pool fence -- that is what it is there for. The poor doggie could have had shade not five feet from where his owners were sitting, and not be trying to topple the table to which he was tied. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel, and it only takes one irresponsible action to close the pool for the weekend.

Snark snark snark. Today it is a good day for the world that I am not in charge.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Google Blog Search rocks

...within SECONDS of my posting the OTH recommendation, someone hit my site with a search for that movie. How cool.

Two thumbs WAY up

Oh yeah, baby - two thumbs and all eight fingers up for this one. Before I begin, may I say that I love to read Over the Hedge as a comic strip. Now that it is a movie, I am even more infatuated. This is a specTACular movie! Well, not so much for the under-ten crowd, I think -- although there is no abundance of bad language (that I caught, anyway) some of the themes are a little bit dark. Quite frankly I have no idea if this is how the comic truly began, but I was laughing pretty hard through most of the movie. Yup, this one definitely earns the seal of approval.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Moskau, Moskau...

Bruder hey, bruder ho.....

Heh. So this is totally Sarah's fault, but now I have Moskau stuck in my head. Follow the link to see a subtitled flash (hope you can read German -- mine is just good enough to keep up with most of the words). :D

Monday, May 15, 2006

Now I can hook in the dark!!!

Thanks to Mr B Innovations (look him up on ebay), now I can hook in the dark. It was a long time coming, and I had to lose some inhibitions, but I can do it in the dark like any warm-blooded Texan woman. Heh. Aforementioned K hook can be seen to the right - sorry for the double image but I'm feeling too lazy to put up my tripod and I couldn't get the shutter to manually close fast enough.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

We Be Jammin'

She's alive!! My creation, is it real?

Ok, enough of the bad (and not-so-bad) 80s songs. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present my latest creation: my alter ego, CynDiva. She sings, she dances, she knits and crochets, and above all has a fabulous color palette. Yes, that's a microphone in her left hand and a mood bracelet on her right. Those are beaded earrings and painstakingly painted features (all right, I used puff paint to save time). The body is crocheted from Noro Kureyon and the head and arms are from mystery leftovers I had. The hair is individually glued on strands of doll hair (my apologies to those of you who've noticed the glue - it isn't quite dry yet). Yes, she has boobies. If you press her tummy - eh, somewhere in the torso area, anyway - she will sing to you.

I even knit her a fashionable shawl, but I'm not sure if having her wear it would be too much for the overall effect. :)

...and tomorrow, I'm gonna make waffles!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The end of an era

Saw this article: KXAN.com - Aquarena Springs Receives Face Lift -- and now I am sad. I still remember Ralph the Swimming Pig, and somewhere in my archives I have pictures of the underwater scene with the mermaids. The submarine was a very interesting trip and the skycars were amazing.

...memories are a wonderful thing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Way too dang tired

Hm - 12 hours of rehearsals, four crocheted hats, two concerts, (at least) three horrific storms, a picnic twice over, 9 holes of disc golf, and one olympic house-cleaning session later...I'm pooped.

Last week I had several rehearsal sessions leading up to (can ya guess?) two concerts to sing on Friday and Saturday night. Other than the rain (less of the cats-and-dogs variety than the small-farm-animals-sideways variety) the concerts went very well, I think. I believe it was my personal best in a concert - to my knowledge, only one place where I made a slight glottal attack, and no place where I messed up (even if the audience wouldn't be able to hear it). I can't wait to see what the results of the recording are -- and even more so, I can't wait for the end of June to get here so we can perform this concert in Wales!!!

The crocheted hats were my carry-along project all week: one of my students needed to replace a hat she had but didn't feel as though she'd have the technique necessary to make the hats herself as quickly as she needed them. Two separate Juliet/cloche patterns later I had four hats done much quicker than I'd thought I would, three from Patons Katrina and one from Dreamy Chenille (or somesuch) in Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee brand.

The storms truly were horrific this past week or two, but thankfully no damage done (other than some tree limbs down) in my neighborhood. Nothing like the severe damage at the factory shops in San Marcos recently.

The picnic was fun, and I learned that it is in fact possible to play disc golf in platform shoes while your upper body is still screaming in pain from the aforementioned rehearsals and concerts. You might regret it the next day.

Now I am going to get yet more housecleaning done in preparation for my next number: three. The number of days I will be without running water due to the need for my landlord to have the pipes in my building descaled. Sigh.

Complete non-sequitur for a sidenote on something that bothers me: the word is spelled y-apostrophe-a-l-l. It is short for "you all," not "ya ull" -- it refers to more than one person and pronounced almost exactly but not quite like drawl. Thank you, and I will drop my soapbox at recycling on my way out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hell Week

You know, I really love singing as a hobby. Semi-professionally, even (okay, so getting paid for it would be nice). However, I keep forgetting how bad the week before a concert can get. Three-hour rehearsals every night - stumbling exhausted to bed only to get up way too early for work the next day - and do that again for the rest of the week. (To be fair, we have Wednesday off, if only because too many of us are in our church choirs and so have that practice on hump day).

Of course, the final product is so worth it. I've got a growing collection of CDs of the concerts in which I've performed - perhaps one day soon I'll get to be one of the soloists and then all of this work will truly have been worth it. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Tina!

Just a shout out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my older sis. We'll grow old gracefully together -- you first. :)