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Sunday, September 30, 2007

1000 posts!

Just over five years into the blog, I finally hit post number 1000. Wow. Of course, this was not supposed to be my 1000th post -- I had finally got my mobile phone to post to the blog remotely (so I thought) and composed a cute little picture message, only to find it never transferred. Ah well.

This evening has been one of knitting, canasta, and movies. The canasta is online -- never can seem to find enough people to get a good evening of it going -- but we have fun anyway. The knitting currently is EZ's BSS, and whaddyaknow -- if you actually put time into your knitting, you actually make progress! Who knew?

The movies started off with When Harry Met Sally, an oldie but goodie that everyone should be familiar with. If only for the faking it scene. From there I went to a movie in my collection that piqued my interest when I saw it on the shelf, but I have not yet watched: Mrs. Henderson Presents. I dearly love to watch Dame Judy Dench in movies, and this was no exception. Before watching the movie, I had no idea that it was truly about London during the 2nd World War, and the realism during the bombing of London was very...hm - startling? poignant? Whatever - it resonated with me very much. I am blessed to not have lost any family members to war in this generation or the last, although I have many family members who have served in the military and have in fact been involved in one or more wars. If the Windmill Theatre no longer exists, it is a shame, because that theatre filled a very real need - a need for hope and entertainment in a time when it was hard to find any. At any rate, I do highly recommend this film (but not to the under-18 crowd as there is full nudity of both sexes in it).

(Aside: sadly it may still exist but only as a nudie show, which eliminates its value imnsho in the arts. If I am mistaken about its status, please do let me know!)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good day for football!!

It has been an absolutely fabulous day. I got up a bit lazily this morning - not getting started on chores as early as I intended, but the extra snooze in felt good. Later in the morning I headed down to Cafe Caffeine for the Saturday knit meetup where I got to talk to quite a few people that I don't see very often. CC is pretty far south for me, so I don't get down there on a regular basis. Today turned out to be a bonus -- Janet was liquidating her yarn stock since she is moving to New York, so I bought a few skeins of Liisu Yarn merino from her for a song - dark evergreen in color, which is a departure from my usual reds and pinks. :D

After knitting and chatting for a couple hours, I headed over to HCW to sign up for a spot on the yarn crawl bus. If you're in Central Texas and interested, call them soon for a spot!!! The yarn crawl runs independently for about a week in October, or you can take the bus on October 7th. Since my regular crochet class is lacking students at the moment (plenty of sign-ups for the specialty classes, but not the ongoing) I figured I'd not hold class at all that day so that I also get to participate in the crawl. It ought to be fun. :)

After running that little errand, and since I was already in South Austin, I decided to head over to The Knitting Nest to check out the newest shop in town. This one is on Slaughter Lane, about a block or two west of IH-35, next door to a liquor store. The shop itself is delightfully industrial, with plenty of space for crafters to hang out and visit. Her official grand opening is October 13th, so go check it out!! She has some great On-Line sock yarns in great colors (not to mention a wall of Cascade 220), so I had to pick up a skein.

Of course, then I had to hurry and get back home for kick-off (Go 'Horns!) but I stopped off at Gauge Knits first, since Karli is such a dear and I love their little shop. They happened to have some Regia 4-fadig in a colorway that Sammi bought out from under me a year or so ago (lots of big color stripes, S -- they had 3 skeins at the time and I think you were going to make knee-highs) -- I liked it a lot after she worked it up so I bought some today.

...and that was quite enough yarn purchase for a weekend, especially since I am planning on going on the crawl next weekend. I guess yarn will be my birthday present this year. Hee!

Now, the UT game is going on - the first drive by K-State made me wonder what in blue blazes happened to our defense. Perhaps it will get better from here on in, but I have knitting to do and a comfy chair to watch from. Go 'Horns!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Well, I at least got some exercise

Tailgating is fun. In Texas, it's a sport. Every time I hang out with a group of friends to tailgate, I learn something new (and usually disturbing) about one of them. Heh.

Note to self: next time you aren't able to get to the tailgate six hours early, just watch the game at a bar. The twenty block walk (up a horrible hill) back to the car after the game is soooooooo not worth it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We be yarr-in'

Arrrrr, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey. Time to make those shivery poltroons ye work with to walk the plank. Show off your booty, but don't cross swords with Davy Jones. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's been a heck of a week...

...and it is only Tuesday.

I can't believe I am still watching BB8 (I can't believe I got sucked into it at all!) and I can't believe I am pulling for Dick, but there you have it.

And what is with these new prescription drugs? The possible side effects of this latest one include lymphoma?!? How desperate do you have to be to try it?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ending the evening on a good note

Yesterday was lots of fun - finally got to Schlitterbahn with some friends. Today I am paying for it -- a bit itchy from the river water and very sore, but we had a blast!

Lots of the normal happenings today, but I did start watching Heroes on DVD. I don't think I could get into this show; there are too many unnecessarily violent bits. I'm not one to enjoy gore.

Tonight I am sitting here getting some work done on a couple baby gifts and watching Anuva (sp?) on the local PBS channel, and they just started Riu Chiu. For those who know me, this made me amazingly happy. So happy in fact, that I think I have to buy this album just for that - and everything else I've heard is pretty fabulous as well. I've been thinking for a while that I should get involved with the early music program here in town, and this makes me really want to even more.

Hm, if I have 3 choral projects going at once, plus church and my crochet classes, when will I sleep? Perhaps that is a rhetorical question. Heh.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Because we were bored

This is a video I made at TFB a couple weekends ago, while we were there for the Austin Flickrite meetup...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sad Day

Well, I cannot say that Pavarotti was always my favorite opera singer, but I was very sad to hear he passed away today. Rest in peace, Luciano.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Texas Fight

First Game of the Season
Originally uploaded by Cyndiva.
I cannot believe that I've never gone into the Alumni Center to watch a game before, but it turned out to be a great place to watch. You get to talk to interesting people, sit in comfy seats and air conditioning, and still be there in all the game time fun.

Of course, UT won the season opener (although perhaps after that Michigan fiasco no-one should take the first game for granted) although not as handily as I'd hoped to see. Time will tell.

Bad blogger

I haven;t posted in a couple weeks, but not because I didn't have anything to post -- there was a fair, a prize or two, and some other stuff I can't think of because I'm too tired...

Today, UT FOOTBALL takes off - go 'Horns!