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Monday, April 28, 2008

Who was it...

...that was looking for a Close to My Heart representative? My friend is hosting a CtMH party at her house this weekend and I can forward the email if you email me to remind me who said it...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

H is for Heavens

H is for Heavens
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We happened to be sitting on the deck at Mozart's when the heavens opened and deluged the land --- rain and hail and one fabulous lightning show. It is rather difficult to get good lightning shots with a point and shoot standing in the rain with no tripod, but this one came out fairly well...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

G is for Grandma's Shawl

G is for Grandma's Shawl
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Okay, so this post is a little late. I've been meaning to take a picture of this shawl in progress for some time and finally got the pics snapped last week (and then uploaded this morning when I had a little time before meeting peeps for breakfast).

The yarn is Patons Brilliance - very shiny and flowy stuff. I hope it blocks out well because I think the motifs look a little crunchy as they are. However, everyone who sees the shawl in person loves it, so perhaps it will be fine. The edging will be a lot longer once done - I've got a few more rows to go...although I just now realized that since I altered the pattern to use larger yarn and a larger hook, I probably don't have to do as many rows as the pattern calls for. Hm, will have to think about that.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting rid of stuff

I am really trying to get it together to move this year -- I've been in the same apartment for far too long, and even if I don't find the condo I want to buy, at least I can find something a little closer to work and church. Before I can move, of course I have to manage to pack up all my stuff -- and the less I have to move the better.

Today I managed to divest myself of quite a bit - the huge box of flipflops (new in packaging) from a business deal that never happened (note: if you're going to have to order in bulk, get payment for at least part of the commissioned order in advance or you're going to get stuck with a lot of inventory) went to a gentleman who is probably going to resell them at a flea market at a mark-up, but I made my money back from it, so I don't care and I don't have to deal with them anymore. I've packed up all my VHS tapes and whatever I can't sell to Half-Price Books (provided they still buy them) will get donated to the church or the thrift shop. Another friend had a garage sale and I sent some additional stuff over there, albeit not as many things as I probably could have... No clothes went: anything like that is going to a clothing swap and leftovers are going to the thrift shop. I've still got a bunch of boxes I need to haul out for recycling, so that's part of tomorrow's to-do list.

Over the next few weeks I am going to go through my yarn inventory and perhaps put up for swap or sale anything that I don't plan to use in the near future - if the yarn is just sitting there hidden away it certainly isn't doing me any good. :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Irony is being told by the specialist to go back (effectively) to the treatment plan you were using before you visited your primary doctor for the first time. It was nice to actually have a doctor who listened to everything I had to say for a change, though -- and perhaps what we discussed will finally kick the rest of this sinus and cough and ick out of my system. If not, at least I know he WANTS me to call him back in a couple of days if things don't change.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Leia Hat
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Well, still coughing (not as badly, though, yay!) and my ears are still clogged up, but I've gotten a couple things done this weekend. Yes, that was even after I came home and slept all evening Friday, and most of the day Saturday.

I finally finished the Leia hat I've been toddling along on for a while -- the hat itself was pretty quick but the cinnamon buns took a lot longer than I anticipated, not helped by the fact that I kept setting it aside for other projects in progress. By this weekend I only needed a couple more inches knit on one of the buns, plus assembly, so today I finally knocked that out. I also got all the ends woven in on the interior of the shawl I've been working on, so I can start on the lace edging.

Something else I finally got accomplished was to get my closet cleaned out - three bags of stuff that I just don't wear, doesn't fit anymore (most of it is too big, woo!) or it's worn out or otherwise needs to go. At least I feel now like I've accomplished something with my weekend.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekend plans

I really wish I could say those plans didn't include being curled up in a chair being sick, but... the sinus infection of the century apparently still has possession of me. Sigh.

At any rate, I've got to finish knitting a hat for a commission (well, technically for charity), then finish my grandmother's shawl. I've also got to get started on two more baby gifts -- one for a lady at church due in June, and one for a very good friend who I just found out is expecting and I am VERY EXCITED FOR! :D :D :D

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools on me

Yup, nature pulled one heck of a joke on me -- a lulu of an upper respiratory/sinus infection that has made my voice go away completely. I thought it was just a little sinus problem and vocal overuse after last week's concert (and rehearsals every day) but it has continued to get worse and so today I'm sitting at home with a lot of prescriptions and some hot tea, feeling generally miserable. Bleah. On the plus side, since my primary is in the going to be switching companies, I got in to see her (twice!) on short notice with no problems instead of waiting several days, so hopefully I'll have it all kicked out by the end of the week. Whether or not I'll have my voice back by then is another issue...