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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day...

I'm almost sad to be leaving the old place - and then I remember the crud I put up with for the last couple months and dance to be free.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am finally moved. Completely and totally so.

Okay, fine -- I've had all my stuff over here since Wednesday -- but my DSL line didn't activate until last night. Apparently the oh-so-bright order staff messed up the order not once, not twice, but at least three different ways -- and I had to spend over an hour with three different people on the phone last night trying to figure out the problem when I still couldn't connect after the automated system called me and said my service was active. I've worked in tech support, people -- it shouldn't be that difficult for the average consumer to figure out. Plug it in and it goes -- if more steps are required, tell the person who is ordering the moved service forgoshsakes. Huff, puff - sorry for the soapbox. It's been an ordeal.

At any rate, all I have left to do is some cleaning at the old place and I am rid of them forever -- once I get my credit for July's rent and my deposit back. The new apt had a leak in the guest bathroom -- and they removed one (perhaps two) tiles from the shower, repaired it and replaced the tiles within a day. No plaster all over the floor, no huge mess - and it was quick. Perhaps the other mgmt staff could take notes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finding things

I keep finding interesting crafty things I completely forgot I made while I am decluttering and packing. Case in point, this winged heart I designed - it is the prototype for one I did as a centerpiece of a quilt block. Okay, so it is a totally horrible picture, but it is on my cellphone camera which doesn't do macro shots well. I don't remember if it is truly peyote stitch, but it is using seed beeds. I also don't remember what type of thread I used, but I apparently waxed it well, as that strand that sticks out to the side is stiff as all get out. The heart in the middle contains an eighth note motif -- come to think of it the winged heart part may have been based on someone else's published design and the note was my modification, but this was quite a few years ago. Either way, I kind of want to figure out something else to use this remaining prototype on....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming to the end of that rope

Holy freaking pile of steam shovel snail snot on a long pier to nowhere.

I truly think the management company of this goodnessforsaken complex I live in is truly trying to make me fully appreciative of the choice I made in opting to move out of this place. For four months AT LEAST they've been chasing down a fricking leak in the bathrooms of the six units that share a wall -- I was the one who pointed out the leak in the first place, probably because I definitely had an issue with my toilet as well at the time. The leak didn't go away with the toilet repair. It didn't stop when they replaced my shower stems or the stems of the other five - but the water did stop seeping when they sealed the vinyl on my bathroom floor. Apparently one of the units below still had an issue over the last month or so, but when I complained yesterday about someone coming in my apartment AGAIN (and moving stuff around) without leaving a note as to why and they mentioned something about this ongoing problem...and I talked to the guy about it...they thought they solved the issue because it was due to one of the upstairs tenants taking a shower without the curtain inside the tub.

Uh-huh. Yeah - like he wouldn't figure out after once or twice that he was flooding his bathroom that way?

This has been going on for MONTHS, people.


I mentioned, once again, and very politely (they are a new management company, after all -- and they did drive off the one maintenance guy who sort of knew what was going on with this situation) that I thought it might still be in the wall since I heard a drip late at night when there was no other noise, but only when I was standing in the bathroom. No water has been seeping in my apt for the last month, so who knows. The apt manager said since I was moving out at the end of the month they wouldn't rip up my walls or inconvenience me any more - as they have to renovate in here anyway.

Blow me some more sunshine, jerkwad. Guess what I came home to tonight. Yup - 10:30 at night and my bathroom completely demolished. My clean towels (and my dirty clothes, and every other surface for that matter) covered in plaster and wood bits. My etagere disassembled and pieces of it in the bathroom and in the dining area and pretty much everywhere else -- goodness only knows if I'll ever get it all back together again. Everything that was on the etagere all over the place, and covered in plaster and wood. The shower curtain destroyed and laying in the tub, along with my last roll of toilet paper (which is soaked through, by the way) and no way of knowing if the toilet is even functioning. Oh, and a gigantic hole in the wall and ceiling, covered incompletely with garbage bags and duct tape.

Can you tell I am happy about this situation?

What the blue blazes do they expect me to do? I am trying to clean this place up to move, not demolish it (although they seem to be doing a great job of that). I am almost afraid to go check my closet. If they decided to break a hole in there and destroyed any of the dresses I have on that side in the process, I might just break down and cry. Heck, I might do that anyway.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

...and it's going to be a hot and muggy one!

Yesterday one of the coolest things happened -- I was out to dinner with my mother and her husband, who happened to be wearing his Pearl Harbor Survivor ballcap. Two little kids saw the hat when we came in the restaurant and sought him out later on -- to thank him for serving our country. They had visited Pearl Harbor a couple times and were very excited to meet someone who had been there when the war started. It was very cute and so touching...

Hanging with a bunch of other friends was nice later on that evening -- mostly people I used to work with, who I don't get to see often. One former co-worker hosts a heck of a 3rd of July party annually, pretty much as an excuse to blow up as many incendiary devices as possible. I missed the finale because I was inside talking to a knitting bud, who is married to one of the cronies of this crowd (small world :) but we heard it -- I think they lit off three finale boxes together plus a few more things with fuses tied together. Every year I am amazed that no-one gets blown up.

Today we'll see what happens - a few parades offer, fireworks in every city, naturally. I don't think I want to wander downtown since it is usually a madhouse (and since it is already so humid outside) but I would like to hear one of the symphonies or bands later, I think.

I've kept on with the apartment cleaning -- just two weeks and a couple days to go before the movers get here! Egads time is moving quickly. Today I moved my RH stash out to the car to go home with Mom. I'm not using it -- as evidenced by the fact that it just sits there -- and she makes lots of afghans for the grandkids, so home with her it goes. So much yarn that my trunk is full and I had to put some on the backseat --- and I still have scads of yarn hanging around. I really need to finish the de-stashing process. I really need to finish packing. Give me another week and we'll be in full blown panic mode. Time to get working again...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Six years already?

A month ago I noted that my bloggiversary was coming up and was going to commemorate the date -- perhaps with a small contest, a site redesign, and some fun. Then life got a little crazy.

Right around the actual date, I started a new job (same company - just different department) that is in a much different field from what I've done for the past ten years and it's kept me hopping. Add to that a lot of the other craziness that is life (still working on the move, helping out friends, accepting singing gigs, etc.) and I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the fancy schmancy part of the blog. :)

So yes, it has been six whole years since I started this blog. I did not know how to knit when I first started - I was a crocheter who planned to learn to knit, and the blog was to help keep track of projects as well as to let me diary life. It is my only successful journal; every other journal I ever started has but a few pages written before I abandoned it to the ravages of time. I think the trick with a blog is that it also appeals to my techie geek side, and allows me to play with my photos as well - when I get around to downloading them off my camera (note to self - clean off the memory cards already!).

I am in fact still knitting and crocheting, although not as frequently as I'd like due to the madness around me, but I've recently finished a couple of small projects. One was a pair of thumbless mittens for a friend's baby shower (and they are so cute!) and I am working on another gift for the same friend. I neglected to get a pic of the mittens (hint, hint, E) but I'll get a pic of the other before I gift it to her - at the very least for my Ravelry project page, which has also been sadly neglected.

Will this blog continue to host a lot of knitting content over the next few years? Who knows - perhaps it's time to change the title to something that suits the potpourri of things that I tend to journal. At the very least, I need a new template. mrgreen So, stick around, gentle readers - the ride can only get better.