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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Yes, yes, it is time for me to stop putting off the formal announcement of my new digs... After all, they are not all that far away.

So - if you subscribe to this blog via a feed reader or have it bookmarked, please redirect yourself to the new location: Carpe Lux!

You'll notice from time to time an older post from the transition period going live as I mark them public, and eventually I hope to get the archives over here easily accessible in the Wordpress format. For whatever reason, I haven't been successful in importing them. I decided after all this time with Blogger that it was no longer meeting my needs as a publishing tool (no offense, Google/Blogger - but unless I want to code a whole lot of things by hand, Wordpress is just easier) so I finally made the switch. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and whatnot at the new site!

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