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Thursday, March 27, 2003

More project ideas

Is this not one of the cutest cloche hats?

I actually got this issue of FCEK for the split-shoulder shirt (pattern #5, sorry - no preview). Right now I am trying to talk myself into spending the money on the ribbon yarn the pattern calls for. Or maybe talk myself out of it. I don't know. :)

The plan was originally to buy this yarn (Artful Yarns' Cinema) last night in preparation for my trip out of town this weekend -- my mother is undergoing surgery and wants me to be there, so I figured I'd better take some knitting to pass the time. I still haven't bought the yarn for the top yet, but I have plenty of other WIPs to keep me occupied, I suppose. :)

OH! And if anyone from FCEK is actually reading this - what beginner in their right mind would actually buy 19 spools of Anny Blatt yarn for a little tank top? I like the pattern, but I am seriously looking around for yarn substitutes. Anyone? Bueller?


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