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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Argh and phooey

Well, pooh. By dint of careful stretching out, I got myself into a comfortable position in which I could do some beadwork. Eh, relatively comfortable.

And then I realized that I didn't have my wire cutters. Even more carefully, I closed up my bead kits (that I'd opened looking for the cutters in the first place) and unwound myself from my assorted tools and whatnot to go in search of my cutters. They're nowhere to be found.

Hmph. I always put my beading tools away. ...except...last Christmas I was frantically trying to finish some Christmas tree ornaments to give to co-workers and the ladies at my LYS and apparently the wire cutters didn't make it back into the tool kit. Nor are they anywhere near the remainders from that project (which are in a plastic baggie by my computer, for some reason). Double hmph.

Two choices here (maybe more, I suppose) -- I can wait until payday and go get a new pair, OR I can run out now and get a new pair tonight. The first option means that I have to put off my Aha! project for a few days, by which time I may no longer want to do it. The second means I have to get myself dressed and out of the house in icky weather to go down to Hobby Lobby. There is a third option -- that I simply clean up the place until I find them -- but although I will eventually clean (which really takes more range of motion than I am willing to admit I don't yet have), I know that I really already needed to replace those ratty cutters because the blades were starting to get dented -- they were my first ever pair and pretty cheap to boot. On the other hand (mixing metaphors and how many hands am I on anyway?) I probably don't need to go spending the money tonight.

Sigh. Guess it is back to the crocheting -- not that there isn't plenty of that to do around here. :D


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