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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Chorus Austin kicks tail...

Woohoo - I just got this great email from the Chorus Austin head office:

At last night's 11th annual Austin Critics Table Award ceremony, Chorus Austin won the choral concert award for its Boris Godunov performance. The critics also gave several special, (i.e., there were no announced nominations) awards. Kristian Klefstad, the pianist in the Gospel Mass, got a special award to turning "water into wine", Vicki Buterbaugh, Chorus Austin Executive Director, made the acceptance speeches for these two awards.

The Boris Godunov performance resulted in two other awards: symphonic concert (Austin Symphony Orchestra) and classical music male singer (Nikita Storejev).


Way to go, Kenny, for preparing us so well.

Special kudos to Bob Horick, who drilled us in Russian pronunciation.

And a tremendous thank you to all singers who participated in Boris.

Thanks so much to Vicki and Kenny and all the other CA members for a stupendous job - it was certainly fun for me!!!! :D


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