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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Sad Happy day

Today, I attended a memorial service for my kindergarten teacher. It's funny sometimes, how someone's passing can bring people together who haven't seen each other - haven't even thought about each other - in years. I got to talk to my fifth grade teacher, whom I haven't seen since I think my father's funeral in 1994. Other faces from the past appeared on the scene, like a surreal family reunion. Our old maintenance person, the first pastor I remember there, the organist who used to argue with my father all the time about how the music should be played for the choir...

Tonight I am sitting here with my mother and her boyfriend, knitting (crocheting for Mom) and watching old movies in the heat, and we're simply enjoying each other's company after a long day. This is the same kind of feeling that Mrs. Schlaeger engendered - happy to be in each other's presence, even though not always completely comfortable. She was very methodical, but very loving, and every child who passed through her classroom remembers her for the wonderful person she was.

God be with you, Mrs. Schlaeger. We'll miss you.


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