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Monday, November 03, 2003

What people are looking for...

It is fun to check out the referrals to your site to see what search terms are getting people to your page.

Lately, it seems most are looking for scarf patterns, particularly for a Harry Potter scarf (must've been a hot Halloween costume) and for an Eros scarf. Well, the Harry Potter scarf pattern isn't mine, but here is where you can find it.

As for the Eros scarf, well, here you go:

Quick Eros Scarf
pattern by Cyndilou :)
Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved.

One ball Plymouth Eros ladder yarn, approximately 165 yards.
One pair size 15 (US) knitting needles

Cast on 15 - 20 stitches loosely. Knit every row until you've reached about 18 inches from the end of the skein. Bind off loosely. That's it! You can cast on more stitches to make the scarf wider, but be aware that you will lose length. To gain more length, you can go up a needle size. One ball of Eros will make a good length scarf at this gauge.


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