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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Placido e il Mar

You know it's going to be an interesting day when you wake up singing Italian. Of course, that might be because I picked up and read another section of Under the Tuscan Sun (yes, V, I will finish it so I can give it back to you!). It continues to surprise me with the subtleties of what the author notices from their time in Cortona, and then again with the sheer difference between her story and the "based on" story that the writers came up with for the movie. Talk about a difference.

Now for something completely different.

Greta commented about the LToD over in my sidebar, and today's cracked me up as well. I love the humor bits over at Old Lutheran. Many are written from a Polish-American-Lutheran(somewhere 'round Minnesota -- say it: mini-SOH-da) point of view -- my family is of the German-American-Lutheran-living in Texas-kind-of-southern variety, and so some of the things don't apply (I've never eaten lutefisk and if you call it a hotdish I'll raise one eyebrow at you), but many really do. So, to end today's post, here are some of my absolute favorites from the You Might Be a Lutheran If... collection.

You Might Be a Lutheran If...

... you hear something funny and smile as loudly as you can. (C: When I read this, I did it! Oy, I can hardly believe it.)
...during the entire service you hold your hymnal open but never look down at it.
...in response to someone jumping up and shouting "Praise the Lord!", you politely remind him or her that we don't do that around here.
...when you were little you actually thought the Reverend's first name was "Pastor."
...it takes 10 minutes to say good-bye.
...doughnuts are in the official church budget.
...you're watching "Star Wars" in the theatre and when they say, "May the force be with you," the theatre replies, "and also with you."
...your house is a mess because you're "saved by Grace," not by works. (V and E, are you reading this?)
...your mother could give any Jewish mother a run for the money in the guilt department.
...the only mealtime prayer you know is "Come Lord Jesus." (C: And you can say it all in one breath, both verses, in under 15 seconds.)
...your idea of an affirmation is "This is most certainly true."
...you feel an overwhelming urge to sit in the back of any room.
... you can actually come up with responses to this.

Ok, I'm giggling a little too hard, so...have a fabulous Saturday!


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