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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year...

...and Go 'Horns! I _love_ the fact that we're starting off a brand new year with a brand new UT tradition - a BCS bowl game. Not just any bowl game, either -- this is the Rose Bowl! So pbthhtt to all our detractors who son't think we belong at the party. Our team, our school and our fans have been working and waiting for our turn in the glory, and it is finally here. Will we win? Eh, I don't know - sadly, I think Mack Brown is outclassed and I really wish that the defensive coordinator were the head coach.

On the knitting front, I'll be working this afternoon on my UT football poncho. I started it at the beginning of the season and I've only worked on it while watching games. Of course, I haven't watched that many games this season, as I don't have cable or satellite, so I still have a bit to go. It'll get there, even if it won't be ready until next season. :D

May your new year be bright and full of fantastic possibility!


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