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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Notre Dame was so robbed.

Notre Dame should have won that game. They should not have rolled back the clock. Sigh. On the plus side, UT won (go 'Horns!) and VA Tech had a bye, so should be no issue holding onto the second place berth. Pah - USC only holds 1st place overall because of last year's season. We need a PLAYOFF in the BSC.

Wierd Encounters of the Austin Kind
Earlier today I went to the mall, and ran into a gentleman who really wanted to know which artist inked my tattoo. Turns out that he and a friend own that tattoo parlor and he recognized it from the artist's portfolio -- and this fellow also told me he was the drummer for Slipknot. (I think - although SK isn't supposed to be in Austin this weekend according to their website, unless there are two bands of that name or I have the wrong band name.) So, that's my minor brush with perhaps celebrity for the week, which I wouldn't have had if I were in San Antonio like I was supposed to be this weekend -- as I was getting ready to take off for SA, I noticed a missed call from Mom on Friday; turns out she and her sweetie took off for Galveston for the weekend because she decided she needed a vacation from work. Don't blame her at all.

Well, it means I missed a trip to Dallas, too - I'd let a friend know I couldn't go since I was planning to be in SA (hadn't gotten down to visit Mom for a couple months). On the plus side, I got quite a bit of game-time knitting done: finished a bootie set and got started on some socks, as well as three more Barbie-knitter scarves.

Still mad about USC winning, though.


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