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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grumble, moan, complain

I am very unhappy with my apartment management company today. Apparently they are finally getting around to descaling the pipes in my building. What they originally said was they were descaling the water heaters, which would have left me without hot water during a time I am normally not home anyway. No biggie. Now they say they are coming back in two weeks and we will be without hot AND cold water for THREE DAYS. Okay, two and a half days. Still. One tiny sop they give us: the toilets will still work and you can still pour things down the drain. Whoopdefreakindoo. Three days, people.

I may resort to bathing here:

Okay, not really - my love of nature extends to wandering out in it for a few hours, but I want a real shower when I get back home! (This pic taken at the Zilker Nature Preserve.) On the plus side, I do still have a gym membership so I can always go work out and use the showers there - showering in a public facility not being one of the great loves of my life. Ah well, life could be worse, I suppose. Sigh.


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