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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My so-called life

Alternate title: Things I get up to before 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning...

salaman_btn A week or two ago I was invited to participate in a living/performance art project to benefit the Sunken Gardens and the Barton Creek Salamander conservation project. That project took place today -- well, at least the choral part of it did. About six different groups from the Austin area stood around the Old Mill Springs and sang their version of Wade in the Water. Seven (long and sweaty) takes later, we were done. Granted, those takes took a combined 3 1/2 hours standing in the Texas sun - it was already 80 degrees Fahrenheit by 6 a.m. today - but the project directors were kind enough to provide us with water, ice, and granola bars to keep us going. The film will debut at the Art House on September 8th - I'm in the "Birth of the Salamanders" group.

...and did you know that without fail, when the fifth chorus in a row starts to sing in an outdoor venue, a plane or helicopter will pass overhead? Between that and the noise from people down at the springs themselves (in one case someone deliberately trying to interfere with the project - not that I think they had anything against the salamanders) it was crazy trying to get a full take without problems. Ah, the wonders of film editing. :)


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