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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Retail therapy?

Hm. I need to get out of a funk. I need to do it without adding calories. I need to do it without breaking the bank. I also don't need to add more stuff to my apartment.

Maybe a trip to half price books is in order -- limit 2. Eh, I have to go to the grocery store anyway. drumming fingers Sigh. Grocery store first, see whether or not I am tired, and then maybe HPB for 15 minutes max. And tomorrow I work on putting the majority of my VHS collection into a box or two for redistribution to goodwill. I just can't move the box once I fill it until I get a doctor's note. This is so frustrating, but I'll be good.

EDITED LATER TO ADD: Stupid blogger - only actually publishes half the time, but at least it saved the text of my earlier post. I didn't go to HPB after all - decided that I spent enough at the grocery store even though I only purchased less than ten items. Probably slightly more than ten pounds, too, but it would be close. I actually went back to the dairy aisle (needed milk anyway) to heft a gallon of milk to compare weights, since a gallon is supposed to be about ten pounds.


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