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Monday, January 29, 2007


When the terms *metric assload* wander through your mind as you are going through your yarn stash looking for something, it is really time to get rid of some or use it up, or something. Egads, I found at least five random foo-foo scarves I don't even remember starting. I've got a small country's worth of fuzzy yarns for flip-flop embellishments (not to mention a gross of flip-flops due to a project that didn't pan out, and I was the one on the losing end).

The problem is not so much my recent yarn-buying habits -- with the exception of the flip-flop debacle, I've been pretty good this past year at getting yarn only for specific projects instead of picking up any pretty yarn that caught my eye. For the most part. However, I've got yarn I bought (a ball here, a couple hanks there) several years ago when I was first getting into knitting. In my prior crafty life, I did only crochet. I learned from my mother when small, and I bought pretty much only Red Heart and Caron. While I still have a bit of the acrylic left in the stash, most of that I can offload to mom, since she likes using it for afghans. I can knit and crochet up a bunch of the foo-foos and other acrylics for sale and for charity (note to self - get to work on that, already!), but gadzooks I have a lot of other yarns just floating around.

Perhaps it's time to take a leaf from Peggy's book and build a stash database for my Palm. At least that way I know what I already have so I'm not tempted when a new yarn flashes its sexy twist at me. Read my lips: no new projects. (At least not until I finish five UFOs. That includes Road to China, the UT scarf, the red flowers scarf, the purple muppet scarf, and Sergio's scarf. See a trend here?)



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