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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Warning: rant ahead

Holy mother of pearl, what made all the people suddenly decide that they all had to be at the same mall today?!? I haven't seen the mall that crowded outside of the holiday shopping season (and don't get me started on the over-commercialization of the Christmas - or any other - holiday...holiday - holy day, get it?).

At any rate, I suppose it is partially my fault for choosing to go to the mall to find a particular foundation garment -- one which I was relatively certain I was not going to find anyway, but I had to look. The underwire in my last one has poked out of the fabric, and the stripping that is supposed to keep that from happening is instead preventing me from getting the wire back in place. For the curious, what I am seeking is a body shaper slip; not one of those one piece shapers that snap in the crotch, because I can never get the hooks redone, but one with a slip shape. Of course, none of my normal lingerie sources carry one this year, preferring to go for the aforemention crotch-snappers or high-waisted pants/briefs instead. Argh.

Well, then I decided it was time to try out the department stores. After all, years ago (before I knew there were specialty stores like LB but not so very long ago that I was much different in size than I am now) I used to get plenty of foundation items at department stores. No joy. The one store that had the type of garment I wanted only had them in sizes that looked like boys would wear them. In fact, all of the options in all of the stores came no-where near to my size. (Rant on) WHY in the BLUE BLAZES can you only find foundation garments in sizes for the women who DON'T BLINKING NEED THEM?!? *pant pant* If you have no breasts to support, no waist definition issues, and no hips or ass to speak of, YOU DON'T NEED GIRDLES. A padded bra, perhaps, but you could probably get away with those little silicone nipple covers I saw today. If I tried that, the moment I moved it would be a dead giveaway that I had on no bra, even if you couldn't see my nipples. Bleah. (Rant off)

Okay, perhaps this week I will give in and go to Petticoat Fair, even though I don't like the clerks there. Sigh.


Blogger Sammi said...

Heh, I get mixed results with the folks at Petticoat, but I don't have much option so I suck it up now and then and go in. G'luck to you though, hopefully you can find one there even if they aren't in fashion-season!

April 07, 2007 7:15 PM  

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