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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

1000 and one little reasons why

I have had a plethora of odd and old songs running through my head today -- partly because I have to help pick the music for a contest we're holding at work. (Everyone keeps asking if I am going to compete, saying that I definitely should since I sing -- and I have to keep telling them that it wouldn't be fair if I competed since I am the one picking the songs. Maybe if I close my eyes and don't look? :)

At any rate -- the one song stuck in my head for the majority of the day was not the one which provided title inspiration for this post (even though this is technically post 1002). Nope, it was "The Internet is for Porn" -- lyrics here if you are interested. This, of course, is not appropriate tune-age for vocalization if one wants to stay gainfully employed.

In knitting/crocheting news, the BSS continues, the wedding afghan is on time out until it gets cooler, the baby afghan is waiting for me to actually have students in my crochet class again, and I am really wanting to start something with the fabulous evergreen merino I got from Janet this past weekend.

So, here's a gratuitous picture of yarn:
Wall of Yarn


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