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Friday, November 16, 2007

Now with more cowbell

It's official - I am addicted to a video game at which I formerly scoffed. Oh, and it has cousins which are mighty attractive as well. This will gain a big ITYS from at least one of my friends, but Guitar Hero is a lot more fun than I used to give it credit.

Understand, this comes from someone trained in music, and at least marginally proficient at playing a real guitar. It never occurred to me that punching buttons on a fake guitar could ever be worthwhile as an activity -- but my co-workers sucked me in by getting me to play the Rock Band demo set up at Big Bad box store. I acquiesced, thinking that at least by playing a beat on a drum someone could learn rhythm, and therefore redeem this video game genre. Then someone handed me the guitar and I got to jam. Yup. All my snobbery about a fake guitar got punched in the gut. I admit it, these games are just downright fun. On the plus side (and to salvage my ego), regardless of which instrument on which of these games you play, you are learning rhythm and hand-eye coordination, even if you aren't learning music properly. :)

Now to decide which to get...first.


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